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Stand for waste segregation (for 3 sacks)


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In connection with the amendment of the Act on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities we meet the needs of municipalities and communes as well as households in the segregation of waste and protect the environment. Stand for waste segregation is a simple and versatile tool for segregate garbage into three basic types.

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Light and simple design allows for easy assembly and distribution of the rack.

The way of mounting the garbage sacks with rubber putted on the rim is very quick and simple.



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Standard finish:  zinc plated + lacquer or zinc plated + powder coated (standard colors RAL 7016 and RAL 6005).
Technical data: construction made of sections, rims and covers made of metal sheet. The covers are hinged, used elastic rubber band on the rim protects the bag from sliding off the rim. You can fix the stand to the ground.

Stand for waste segregation (for 3 sacks) zinc plated + lacquer 919-351-040
Stand for waste segregation (for 3 sacks) zinc plated + powder coated 919-343-969

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