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Pallet box 1200x800 LIGHT I



2obudowa light1 3 s

This pallet box together with the wooden pallet creates a full value container, making it possible to store and transport loose goods, using of the pallets. It allows for stacking up to three units (pallet box with a pallet) and reducing to 1/4th the warehouse floor space necessary to store the same quantity of goods. During transportation it is possible to stack two pallet boxes with pallets (total height of 1900 mm), allowing for optimal utilization of the vehicle's cargo carrying capacity. An half-opened frame on the front wall (1200 mm) allows for easy access to the goods stored inside the box.

The ability to place substantial loads within a single box means that it is not only useful as a container for loosely packed lightweight goods, but also as a stable system for organizing heavier products within a small amount of floor space, maintaining easiness of their movement. Its small dimensions after folding (thickness of only 90mm) means that when a box is not being used, it does not take up excessive warehouse space.

Additional accessories: divider LIGHT H-684 (to pallet box 1200x800 LIGHT)

2obudowa light1 4 s

Standard finish: zinc plated + lacquer.
Technical data: The structure of the box is made of steel wires and spot welded mesh. From the bottom and the top it is finished with corners  made of plate. Frame opens to the front. It is possible to buy the box that opens on the short side.
Loading capacity (using europallets and when equally loaded):
1 pallet box: 900kg;
2 pallet boxes: 900kg+750kg;
3 pallet boxes: 900kg+500kg+500 kg;
4 pallet boxes: 900kg+500kg+300kg+300 kg.


obudowa light1 2 s


obudowa light1 5 s

Pallet box 1200x800 LIGHT I zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-649
Divider  LIGHT H-684 (to pallet box 1200x800 LIGHT) zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-744

This product is sold without the pallet.


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