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Display table 1200x800 H-850/650



2stol1200x800gleb 1s

Display tables allows for presentation of small and unwieldy goods. The construction ensures that the display table is very stable and highly resistant to damages. The bottom reinforced with flat irons allows for exposition of goods with various sizes and weights. There is possibility of adjust the height of the bottom on two different levels at the same time. The table has additionally a divider. The
construction allows for easy disassembly of the table. Divider and bottom split into two separate parts allow the exposure of different types of assortment at the same time.


Standard finish: zinc plated + lacquer or bright chrome. The bottom of the table is zinc plated + lacquer.


2stol1200x800gleb 2s

Technical data: Structure made of section, side meshes and the divider made of steel wire. Legs are screwed together with a lower frame and the side mesh panels are directly attached to the legs. Bottom made of steel wire is reinforced with flat iron and it consists of two parts.


Maximum loading: ca 200 kg (with equable
spreading of the goods).

Display table 1200x800 H-850/650* zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-639
Display table 1200x800 H-850/650* bright chrome 919-320-436

* The bottom of the table is zinc plated.

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