Outdoor gondola

gondola 2s

This gondola with a rolling shutter and wheels is a presentation device mainly used to display and store materials that are particularly sensitive to external factors. Due to its structure and the use of shelves inside, the gondola can be used to store smaller products, such as those in containers and bottles. This products is particularly dedicated to the petrol stations.  Due to its built-in lock, the rolling aluminum shutter ensures the safety of the goods located inside. An additional advantage of the gondola is its wheels, allowing it to be easily moved.


Standard finish:  electroplated with zinc and next polyester powder coated.

Technical data: The gondola is made of metal sheet, sections and flat irons that reinforce its construction. It is equipped with an aluminum rolling shutter that has special plastic sliders, a push button type lock with a set of keys, four brackets, two perforated shelves for displaying of the goods and four polyamide wheels with a diameter of 100 mm (two of the wheels are equipped with breaks).


gondola 31s  

Maximum loading:
(with equable loading):
shelf  -  75 kg,
bottom of the gondola - 150 kg.

In the option one can be install anchors for fixing to the ground or regulated feets instead of wheels.

Outdoor gondola
(for the sale of goods on petrol stations)
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