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Shelving baskets KR




kosze regKR 1s


kosze regKR 2s

The hook-in baskets to the racks is used to display and sell
various goods.


Standard finish: zinc plated + lacquer

Technical data: The structure of basket made of spot welded wire. The bottom is reinforced with flat bars, sides made of metal sheet enable to hook-in the shelf to the rack. Divider made of spot welded wire


Maximum loading:
(with equable spreading of the goods): 100 kg.

a b c d e
KR 1000x370 1000 370 182 228 430
KR 1000x470 1000 470 182 228 530
KR 1000x570 1000 570 182 228 630
KR 1250x370 1250 370 182 228 430
KR 1250x470 1250 470 182 228 530
KR 1250x570 1250 570 182 228 630

kosze regKR 3s



ADDITIONAL ACCESORIES: Aesthetic wire divider can be used to divide the basket at any location, allowing a larger number of different products to be displayed.

  kosze regKR 4s 
Shelving basket KR 1000x370 zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-911
Shelving basket KR 1000x470 zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-838
Shelving basket KR 1000x570 zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-837
Shelving basket KR 1250x370 zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-912
Shelving basket KR 1250x470 zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-836
Shelving basket KR 1250x570 zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-835
Divider to shelving basket KR 370 zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-913
Divider to shelving basket KR 470 zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-840
Divider to shelving basket KR 570 zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-839
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