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Folding mesh container 800x600 H680



kontener siatkowy 800x600 1s

       The possibility of stacking the containers allows to limit the used storage space.
  kontener siatkowy 800x600 2s

This pallet container is a full value container, making it possible to store and transport loose goods, without using euro pallets.


  A half-open frame on the front wall allows for easy access to the goods stored inside the container.

Standard finish: zinc plated + lacquer.

Technical data: The pallet container is made of steel wires (spot welded mesh), on front side it has a half-opened frame.

Loading capacity (with equable spreading of the goods):
1 pallet container: 400 kg,
2 pallet containers: 400 kg+300 kg,

3 pallet containers: 300 kg+300 kg+300 kg,



kontener siatkowy 800x600 3s

    Compact dimensions after folding.

kontener siatkowy 800x600 5s

   kontener siatkowy 800x600 4s
Folding mesh container 800x600 H680 zinc plated + lacquer 919-351-477

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