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Display table 1200x800 folded into vertical position (powder coated)


stolpion farba 1s2 stolpion farba 2s2
The table allows for presentation and sale goods. The construction of the table allows for easy folding and unfolding. Unused table folded into a vertical position doesn't take up excessive warehouse space.


Technical data: 
The table made of section, side meshes and the divider made
of steel wire. Bottom made of steel wire is reinforced with flat
iron and it consists of two parts. There is possibility of adjust
the height of the bottom on two different levels at the same
time. The frame, legs and sides are contected together with
the possibility of convenient folding and unfolding the table.


Maximum loading: 150 kg



Shelf with wire hooks,
strenghtened with flat bars:

stolpion farba 3s


stolpion farba 4s

Wire hooks of the shelf:
stolpion farba 5s
Display table 1200x800 folded into vertical position (powder coated) powder coated RAL 7016 919-320-577_V2
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