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In-out Basket 615 x 650 x 860


inout 1s


In-out folded basket allows for presentation and sale goods. It has light and convenient construction, castors and the possibility to adjust a height of the basket's bottom. It's small dimensions after folding means that when a basket isn't being used, it doesn't take up excessive warehouse space. In-out basket can be used in markets, warehouses, gas stations and offices.
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Standard finish: zinc plated + lacquer.

Technical data: The structure made of wire; wire shelf, reinforced with flat iron, can be hanged on different height; swivel castors 75 mm with brakes 4 pcs.

Maximum loading: (with equable spreading of the goods): 60 kg.

In-out Basket 615x650x860 zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-799

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