basic version of the rollcontainer    
kontenerZ 1s2  

Technical data: structural stability is ensured by closed profiles, meshes made of steel bars, bottom with wheels (two fixed wheels, two swivel wheels), bottom shelf reinforced with flat bars. The construction enables container folding and nesting of folded containers. Standard version has chassis on wheels and two side walls.


Finish: zinc + lacquer

Wheels: diameter 125 mm

Nesting distance: 270 mm
Shelf capacity: 100 kg 

Total capacity: 500 kg


Nesting of folded containers
(top view):

kontenerZ 5s2
kontenerZ 6s2

Optional equipment: shelf, rear wall, textile belts.

version with full optional equipment version with optional shelf version with optional rear wall    Nesting of folded containers
kontenerZ 2s2 kontenerZ 3s2 kontenerZ 4s2    kontenerZ 7s2
Container 800X600 H1810 with bottom frame „Z”  zinc plated + lacquer 919-351-416

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