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Container 855x655 H1400


kontener855x655H1400 1s  

The container can be used, among others for packaging orders.


Technical data: The stability of the structure is ensured by closed profiles, mesh made of steel bars, bottom with wheels (two fixed wheels, two swivel wheels with brakes), hanged shelves, reinforced with flat bars. It is possible to adjust the height of the shelves.
The container has a handle on the side for easy handling, hooks for bags and as an optional equipment a tablet pad.


Standard finish: zinc plated +lacquer.
Wheels diameter: 100 mm
Loading of shelf: 50 kg
Total loading: 300 kg

 kontener3 polk1100x750H1600 2s

  kontener855x655H1400 3s
Container 855x655 H1400 zinc plated + lacquer 919-351-424

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