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Low container 880x460 H-1240


kontener niski 1s kontener niski 2s

Container allows for presentation of commodities. The construction of the container is folded and bolted. The supporting construction is made of a section bar, shelves made of wire. The possibility of height adjustment of the shelves position within the container. Shelf adjustment step 110 mm. Shelves lined with Plexiglas to protect it from falling out of small products.Additionally, plexiglass shelves are lined with non-slip grooved rubber. Swivel castors, including 2 pcs. with brake. Optional  accessories: basket for code reader.




Finish: zinc plated + lacquer.

Wheel diameter: 100 mm

Total loading: 200 kg

Loading of shelf: 50 kg

kontener niski 3s 
Low container 880x460 H-1240 zinc plated + lacquer 919-351-247

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